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Vevox LTI


Blog Post: Vevox/Canvas LTI (Staff)

Vevox is the institutional classroom voting system which provides a whole range of ways to engage your students. We want to make it as easy as possible to access this tool. We have now added a link to all Canvas course menus for staff to access this system. This is a staff only link that will log you in and provide a ‘session room’ titled after your Canvas course so you can start engaging students with Vevox more easily.

Vevox Updates


Blog Post: Vevox Updates (Staff)

Vevox staff accounts must use the Microsoft login username@ljmu.ac.uk and LJMU password to log in to Vevox, from now on; this includes login to the PowerPoint add in.  This change removes the original Vevox login option to use a LJMU email address and a Vevox password, and replaces it by only offering the Microsoft login. This does not affect students’ access to Vevox.

New Feedback Dashboard


Blog Post: New Feedback Dashboard

The Teaching and Learning Academy have worked with Academic Staff and JMSU to create a system within Canvas that aggregates an individual student’s electronic feedback into a single Feedback Dashboard. This has now been released as a beta version for staff to use with students to help them understand the value of feedback and use it more effectively.

December Learning Technology Updates


Blog Post: December Learning Technology Updates (Staff)

On the 19th December, both Panopto and Canvas will be updated. This weekend sees the introduction of a new course Student preview tool in Canvas and Panopto have a number of updates including the ability to tag videos, new Smart Chapters, delete streams and Online Panopto Capture. Panopto will require some downtime between 10:00pm Dec 19th and 1:00am on Dec 20th.

Vevox Updates Autumn 2020


Blog Post: Vevox Autumn 2020 Updates (Staff)

Vevox have have a number of interesting updates arriving on the 16th November. If you’ve been debating whether to include polling in your Zoom meetings, take a look at some of their new features:

Online Learning What's Working


Blog Post: Online Learning -What's Working (Staff)

‘What’s working?’ provides an outline of key issues raised in cross-institutional student feedback from the the BluePulse Survey.

Feedback indicates that there is a lot of excellent practice right across LJMU, and that students appreciate the efforts that academic staff are making to support their learning.  The focus of ‘What’s working?’ is on those elements of online teaching and learning practice that students find particularly helpful and supportive. These ideas reflect a broad picture, but you might want to think about how they relate to your own area.  Ideas on how specific issues can be managed are available on https://ltech.ljmu.ac.uk/.  Please contact the Academy if you can’t find what you are looking for.


Changes to Zoom


Blog Post: Changes to Zoom

  • The new Institutional default setting now places non-LJMU accounts in the waiting room, any users with LJMU accounts will bypass the waiting room.
  • There are no changes to the Canvas Zoom meetings scheduler. The waiting room option is still checked as it relates to the institutional default.
  • To set the waiting room to all users, you must change this in your Zoom settings.

Copy Groups


The Teaching and Learning Academy have developed a tool which creates helps you to create multiple copies of the same group across a different Canvas course in a programme. Copy Groups.

Canvas Enhanced Analytics


The Canvas Enhanced Analytics Dashboard allows Academic Staff to view student engagement with Active Blended Learning Tasks in relation to other students on their programme. This Can help staff to indeitify those students who may be be participating in the course as much as they should and could also be a valuable tool in identifying how student engagement could be enhanced with respect their own learning materials.

Digital Student Support Workers


Digital accessibility is even more critical at this particular time. The Teaching and Learning Academy, IT Services and Student Advice and Wellbeing have collaborated to ensure all support workers, working alongside a student to support them academically, are enrolled in Canvas. Digital Support Workers in Canvas.

Canvas Induction Sites


Canvas induction sites have been developed to support online induction activities. These are now available in Canvas and provide an option for programme teams to support online induction through using a bespoke Canvas site for induction activity for all new starters. To enable teams to develop sites that meet their specific needs, induction courses are not pre-populated with any content. They are unpublished, meaning that students will not have access to sites if teams opt not to use them. Find out more about Canvas Induction Sites.



The Teaching and Learning Academy are pleased to announce that Zoom is now available for Teaching and Learning.

Staff Guide: Zoom

Panopto Downtime - August 15th


Please note, on Saturday, August 15, Panopto will be making a number of updates to the Cloud infrastructure to improve performance and scalability. These updates will require downtime for Panopto. We expect up to 3 hours of downtime, with a target start time of 10:00 pm BST. The update has been scheduled at this time to avoid as much disruption as possible. For more information see the blog post: Panopto Downtime - August 15th

Vevox Updates


Vevox have some really exciting updates this summer, read the full article here: Vevox Product Update - Summer 2020

2020 Online Induction Guide


The Teaching and Learning Academy have developed a guide to help support online induction for the new academic year. See our blog post for more information.

New Quick File Upload Process


Canvas have made some improvements to the file upload process, see our blog post: Course File Upload Improvements for more information.

Turnitin Scheduled Maintenance


Turnitin will be down for maintenance for six hours on August 1, 2020 from 16:00-22:00 BST as part of Turnitins annual maintenance schedule to carry out firmware updates on their network infrastructure.

Teaching Live Delivery and Video Conferencing Solutions


The team are currently trialling and evaluating a number of video conferencing solutions including Teams, Zoom and Big Blue Button (Conferences in Canvas). An announcement about Video Conferencing solutions will be made in the coming weeks.

Course Checklist and Minimum Specification


We have developed a Course Checklist and Minimum Specification to help you develop your course for the new academic year.

It offers guidance and recommendations about Module Information, Course Access, Course Content and Assessment, but don’t panic, you’re already doing most of this. This document simply good practice in course design and some helpful reminders of what to add and when.

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Active Blended Learning Guide


Learning is characterised by students having both cognitive and social presence in the learning environment. Current approaches tend to the classroom as the ‘location’ of presence, with the VLE in a supporting role to offer materials for independent learning. A future approach has to ensure that cognitive and social presence is a feature of both online and face-to-face teaching.  Active blended learning is offered as an approach.

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Active Learning Course


We have developed a course to help you identify new ways of working and encourage student engagement within your own Canvas courses. It’s designed to take you from first steps to developing an active blended learning approach. It is designed to get you thinking about how active blended learning will work for you and your students.  The training provides you with examples of good practice and encourages you to share your ideas with your colleagues. It is an active course, so we will ask you at each stage to share your ideas and explore those of your peers. This will not only help you plan but encourage you to connect with staff from across the institution to learn from them.

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Key Module Information Area


A new Key Module Information Area will automatically be added to your Canvas Course. The new design allows students to access key documents in a consistent way across a program. The new area will contain the following resources for students to access:

  • Delivery Hours
  • Assessment Details
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Reading Lists
  • Module Proforma
  • Module Evaluation
  • Teaching Team

The new design should be available in your course in the coming weeks.

Using Technology to Support Learning Website Developments


You may have noticed that there have been a few changes to the Learning Technology website to help you find tools and enable you to browse themes more easily. We are also in the process of adding additional good practice guides alongside existing content to help you get the most out of your course.

You may also have noticed that there is a section labelled ‘Things to think about this month’ on the homepage which provides better access to timely help and information .

Publishing Improvements


The Teaching and Learning academy recently announced improvements to the publishing workflow within Canvas.

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Keep Assessing with Canvas


In light of the current public health situation, alternative assessment is required for any assessment strategy that requires face to face contact.  This includes invigilated examinations and presentations. This blog post makes recommendations for alternative assessments, via Canvas.

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