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Blog Post: Canvas Assessment Updates (20/03/21)

Blog Post: Canvas Assessment Updates (20/03/21)

Canvas have developed some really useful assessment features which will be introduced this Saturday on the 20th March update.

Webcam Submissions

For Assignments with the ‘File Upload‘ submission type, students now have the option to use their webcam to submit work. The first time they use this feature, they will need to give permission to Canvas to access their computer webcam. Students can take multiple photos by using the ‘+ Add Another File’.

This feature can be really useful for submitting artwork or other photographic evidence, directly via the browser. Students do not need to transfer files in order to submit their work.

Assignment Submission Page in Canvas which now includes a new 'Use Webcam' button to attach files.
Assignment Submission Page in Canvas which now includes a new ‘Use Webcam’ button to attach files.

Please Note: This feature cannot be disabled, if you specifically do not want students to submit using this feature, please inform them in the Assignment details.

Reassign Assignment

Tutors can now reassign Assignments to individual students and ask them to redo their submission directly within Speedgrader.

Speedgrader, Before and After – Adding a comment enables the ‘Reassign Assignment’ button

In order for the button to appear on a students submission in Speedgrader, you must leave a comment asking the student to resubmit before the button is enabled.

Previously; students would need to be added to the ‘Assign To’ section of an assignment to allow additional attempts. The Assignment must also have a ‘due date’ for this feature to work.

The ‘Reassign Assignment’ button also aligns with the number of attempts set within the Assignment. If you have restricted the assignment to two attempts, and a student has already submitted work, you will only be able to use ‘Reassign Assignment’ once, unless the number of attempts within the assignment is increased.