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Blog Post: Canvas Induction Sites (Staff)

Blog Post: Canvas Induction Sites (Staff)

Canvas induction sites have been developed to support online induction activities. These are now available in Canvas and provide an option for programme teams to support online induction through using a bespoke Canvas site for induction activity for all new starters. To enable teams to develop sites that meet their specific needs, induction courses are not pre-populated with any content. They are unpublished, meaning that students will not have access to sites if teams opt not to use them.

Induction modules will display using the following naming convention: Induction (2020-21) <Programme name>

You will need to add yourself to any relevant induction site using the My Canvas Admin tool; this is located in your Account area. Search for site by programme code, taking the above naming convention into account when adding the course.

Canvas Commons

You should now be able to add content from different LJMU services and departments directly into your induction course via Canvas Commons. Access the canvas commons area by clicking on the link in the Canvas main menu:

  • Search for the relevant resource and click on the title to open it.
  • Click on the Import/Download button
  • Select the appropriate courses from the list and at the bottom of the screen, select the ‘Import into Course’ button.

The content should then be imported into your course.

For more information about Canvas Induction sites, see our dedicated page: