Staff Guide: Induction Canvas Sites

What are Induction Canvas Sites? 

Canvas induction sites have been developed to support online induction by providing a Canvas site for induction activity for new starters. These are now available in Canvas and provide an option for programme teams to support online induction through using a bespoke Canvas site for induction activity for all new starters. To enable teams to develop sites that meet their specific needs, induction courses are not pre-populated with any content. They are unpublished, meaning that students will not have access to sites if teams opt not to use them.

Induction modules will display using the following naming convention: Induction (2023-24 Sep) <Programme name> for example Induction (2023-24 Sep) Canvas Studies.  They are also displayed by programme code - Induction (2023-24 Sep) <programme code>.  Searching by programme code can be a be a more straightforward way to find your programme.

You will need to add yourself to any relevant induction site using the My Canvas Admin tool; this is located in your Account area. Search for site by programme code, taking the above naming convention into account when adding the course.

Unlike in previous years, programme teams are not expected to populate their sites with generic induction materials produced by professional services (previously available on Canvas Commons). Generic induction materials will be available on a 'Before you arrive' site.

Student enrolment 

All Level 3, 4 and 7 students, new to the University, will be enrolled onto the appropriate module when they complete first registration.  Any students returning to the University who need access (e.g. LOA or changing course) can be manually added to these modules.  In such cases, please raise a ticket with helpdesk and provide the student’s username or LJMU email addresand relevant programme code.  

Cross-programme induction activity 

Induction sites are programme specific, which will be important in supporting programme identity.  However, it is recognised that some induction activity will be shared across a number of aligned programmes.  If you need to do this, using Course Copy from one ‘Master’ Induction Canvas Site is the most efficient method.  You can create content in just one of the relevant Induction sites and then Course Copy to all other versions.  This process should only take a couple of minutes. 

Where you need to copy additional, individual items of content, this can easily be done using the new Copy To feature in the  Direct Share tool.   Copy To can be used to quick copy individual Announcements, Pages, Assignments, Quizzes and Discussion Boards.  


Foundation students transferring to new programmes

Auto-enrolment is only feasible for students who are new to LJMU. Therefore, any existing foundation student transferring onto a level 4 programme will need to be manually enroled onto the relevant Level 4 Canvas induction module. In such cases, please raise a helpdesk ticket. You will need to provide a spreadsheet of students that clearly indicates their LJMU email address and the appropriate induction programme code. This will ensure they are correctly enrolled.

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