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Blog Post: Zoom for Teaching, Teams for Meetings

Blog Post: Zoom for Teaching, Teams for Meetings

The recent acquisition of Zoom means that all teaching staff have access to this video conferencing tool. Its seamless integration with your Canvas modules allows you to quickly create online teaching sessions in the VLE.

Your students can easily access lectures and webinars by going to the relevant Canvas module and clicking on the Zoom link. There are no invitations or passwords to worry about, just a Zoom space in each course to keep you securely connected. Zoom can be used for teaching and other course based activities – the Teaching and Learning Academy can provide supporttraining and guidance for this. 

Teams allows you to quickly connect with colleagues and students to collaborate and connect via chat or video.  You can quickly create meetings without the need for meeting room links or passwords. IT Services can support you using Teams via helpme.ljmu.ac.uk.

Our GDPR requirements currently limit the use of Zoom to Canvas to ensure that user data is fully secure.  So, if in any doubt, please think – Zoom for Teaching, Teams for Meetings.

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