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Blog Post: December Learning Technology Updates (Staff)

Blog Post: December Learning Technology Updates (Staff)

On the 19th December, both Panopto and Canvas will be updated. This weekend sees the introduction of a new course Student preview tool in Canvas and Panopto have a number of updates including the ability to tag videos, new Smart Chapters, delete streams and Online Panopto Capture. Panopto will require some downtime between 10:00pm Dec 19th and 1:00am on Dec 20th.

Canvas Updates

Course Student Preview is changing. Where previously you had to navigate to your course homepage and select ‘Student Preview’ to view your course as a student. A new option is now available in the top right hand corner of each page. It places the page in preview mode, it allows you view the course from a students perspective.

Student Preview Mode

The Student View button does not display in pages that are not visible to students, such as the Course Settings page. If a tutor clicks the Student View button from a page or other location that has been hidden to students, such as in Course Navigation, the page redirects back to the home page.

Panopto Updates

Tags — Panopto’s video library has a new way to support content organization and discovery: #tags. Content creators and administrators can now apply tags to videos and manage the set of tags available on your site. From the library and the viewer interfaces, users can see the tags applied to each video and find other tagged videos with a single click. To learn more, please visit How to Use Tags.

Smart Chapters — Panopto’s innovative Smart Chapters feature uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate a table of contents for any video with a screen capture, including recordings from Capture, Zoom, and WebEx. Smart Chapters can be controlled at the site or at the folder level. Please see “How to Enable Smart Chapters” and “How to Use Smart Chapters” on the Panopto website for more information.

Delete Streams in the Editor — Users can now delete or replace video streams from within the video editor. To learn more, please visit Panoptos user guides: How to Delete Streams in the Editor.

Online Panopto Capture — From within an Canvas, you can now directly record and embed new videos using Panopto Capture, all without leaving the browser. Click on how to record and embed a video from the embedded video selector to learn more. Where previously you had to use the Panopto app to create content on your computer, you can now directly record and embed via the web.