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Blog Post: Staff Training Sessions and Development Opportunities 2021

Blog Post: Staff Training Sessions and Development Opportunities 2021

We have released our training and network dates for the next semester. We want to help you by providing training on the wide range of technologies and help you understand how to get the most from them. We also have a wide range of networks that allow you to meet with fellow staff to discuss issues, share and develop practice together.  

LJMU LibCal 

Our dates and more are listed on the LJMU LibCal system. Please use this system to book on the sessions. There is more information on our LTECH support site in the training section. Below are some highlights of the sessions we are running.  

Training Sessions Highlights 

We have sessions on how to use and engage students with the different functionalities of Canvas, Zoom, Vevox, Panopto and other systems.  

New sessions include: 

  • Discussion boards: Engaging students in online activities 
    This session will focus on showing you how to design a simple discussion board activity, sharing it with students, encourage and monitor engagement. It will discuss practice of LJMU staff in using this tool and provide hands on experiences of trying out different activities. 
  • Using technology to create engaging online tasks and learning communities
    This session will explore different approaches to developing engaging online learning tasks. It will use examples from the literature and ideas shared within the university to provide you with inspiration for developing your own online active learning tasks. 
  • Panopto: Editing recordings 
    This session will focus on editing recordings in Panopto, reasons why you might want to, limitations on the online editing tool and step by step instructions to improving recordings through various editing functions.   
  • Online student presentations: options for running presentation assessments 
    Individual and group student presentation are a common assessment form across the institution. This session will share the different methods to help students prepare, develop produce and submit individual and group presentations online. It will explore the issues and some of the benefits, and how to help students get the most from this form of assessment. It will look at tools such as Panopto, office 365, PowerPoint narration and Microsoft Teams 

Network highlights 

The Teaching and Learning Academy provides a wide range of opportunities for training and development. Details of training and networks are listed below. 

Academic Skills Network

This network is designed to bring together those staff, who deliver on academic research skills modules, to share their ideas, information and practice. 

Distance Learning Forum

This forum brings together technical, student support and academic staff to discuss development and issues relating to this type of delivery. 

Assessment and Feedback Networking

This network event is focused on sharing practice in the use of feedback to support student learning. 

Digital Learning Network Champions

The network is an opportunity to put forward key issues or propose new projects. 

NEW – Immersive Education @ LJMU

This is an open call to any staff or doctoral students across the institution to see if there is any benefit from creating a network that would allow academics to share practise in this emerging area. The principle aim of a network is to share understanding in the area of immersive education. It focuses on delineating this area from a technological perspective of those using augmented reality or virtual reality. Although this technology can be used in a variety of ways we are particularly interested in its educational benefits, but this doesn’t preclude conversations or discussions on other applications. 

NEW – Serious games and gamification for learning (SGG4L) 

This document outlines an open call to join a new internal network to help support institutional understanding of the role that serious games and gamification can have for our students and staff 

“Games have been a source of enjoyment for several centuries and will continue to be so in the future. They have the power to stir a number of positive emotions in humans such as feeling focused, engaged, and accomplished” 

Future developments 

More video resources 

In response to our recent staff survey, we will be providing more short videos explaining particular techniques and processes.  

Programme level development support 

The survey also highlighted a need for more localised development. In response we will be developing a programme level development opportunity to support staff.