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Assessment and Feedback Network (STAFF)

This network event is focused on sharing practice in the use of feedback to support student learning.

This event is an opportunity to discuss online assessment and feedback with colleagues.

This network focuses on sharing practice in the use of feedback to support student learning. The network will allow you to discuss research and practice in this area.

Previous sessions

At the bottom of the page are two previous sessions with the details of what was discussed.

Here are also a number of topics that have been discussed recently.

Group Peer Review

Groupwork has become a key element of programme design and has the potential to improve student engagement, performance, marks, and retention, however, this potential is lost if the assessment design is not seen as fair (Davies, 2009; Gibbs, 2009; Meijer et al., 2020).

BuddyCheck is an easy to use peer evaluation tool within Canvas, which allows students to evaluate each team member’s performance in a group activity, as well as self-assessment. During the last year, many LJMU tutors have used this system. Some of them will be attending this session to discuss the issues surrounding groupwork assessment and their experiences of using BuddyCheck. This will also give you a chance to hear and discuss the practice around group assessment and meet others with an interest in this area.

Link to details about the session

The process of marking during covid  

We had a broad discussion around the changes in approach to providing Marks and feedback during this period. Attendees talked about having a more empathetic approach to writing feedback trying to consider how to be more supportive during this time. Attendees also talked about having a more clear and straight forward approach to providing students that seems to come from and appreciation of making it easier for students to find information and use it effectively in the online environment. This is linked with providing more simplified and clear information particularly around focusing on what to take forward  

Audio and text to speech   

Attendees discussed the use of verbal feedback as an audio file and how this was a way to bring greater efficiency but also an immediacy between student and tutor. There are also many dictation systems out there that allows speech to text which can also bring efficiency and changes the nature of the written word into a more natural conversational style. Here is a case study  

Peer review 

There was interest in allowing students to see submitted work from their peers. We discussed the various systems built into Canvas that would facilitate this. Here is a recent case study of someone using this tool.  

Online exams  

Attendees talked about experiences of delivering online examsSome have broken these down into small mini exams rather than delivering it all in one time slot. They also used the question banks to make sure that students didn't get the same questions. In analysing the statistics around these submissions there was a very small uplift if any of the marks on face to face exams. Others had different experiences where there was quite a range of uplift by bringing in these types of exams. There was a discussion around how to make the questions more complex. Here is a useful guide to Writing Good Multiple Choice Test Questions

We held a special event to focus on this topic (08/02/2021) here are the notes from that meeting

Feedback dashboard 

We've created a new system to allow you to view all the electronic feedback for one student in one page. Have a read of this news story if you're interested  


There is also a really good conference in January 2021 on assessment and feedback please have a look at the following link