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Blog Post: Automated Deletion of Unused Panopto Videos and other Panopto Updates (Staff)

Blog Post: Automated Deletion of Unused Panopto Videos and other Panopto Updates (Staff)

We’re changing the way that video content is stored in Panopto. Video’s will now be automatically deleted if the recording has not been viewed for 3 years. Recordings can be downloaded prior to the expiry date if there is a need to keep a backup beyond 3 years, or you can simply view them in order to have them removed from this list. So there’s plenty of time to review and store important videos!

If you’ve recorded content that hasn’t been watched and you are concerned that this might be deleted after 3 years, all you have to do is either watch the video, or download it to your computer. The video will need to be watched at least once in any three year period in order for it to remain in Panopto. The Educational Video and Audio Recording Policy was recently approved by the Education Committee and outlines the use of video within your course. The policy is designed to safeguard the University, its staff and its students from litigation relating to aspects of recording, storage and distribution of EVA resources and ensure compliance with data protection legislation.

Other Panopto Updates

Performance rights

Individual staff retain performance rights in any audio or video recordings they are heard or appear in. This means that anyone can decline to be recorded, or ask for a recorded session that they have made a significant appearance in to be edited, withdrawn or deleted, at any time. University retains the intellectual property in all the teaching materials that staff create whilst working for LJMU, such as PowerPoints or lecture notes, but not you recorded voice or image.

Guest Speakers

The Educational Video and Audio Recording Policy has also been updated to include information about guest speakers and their performance rights, but it also grants the University, under non-exclusive licence, the right to use the recording in line with this policy. It is important that guest speakers are made aware of the policy and that both parties complete the ‘Non LJMU Employee  Recording Permission Form’. The School should retain copies of completed form for the duration of the period that the recording remains available.

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