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Staff Guide: Panopto

Panopto is a video recording and management tool available for LJMU staff and students to use within teaching and learning.

Panopto is a simple, easy and flexible video recording and management system.

It allows you to create a video, store it securely and manage how it is accessed. You can use it to screen capture a software demonstration, narrate a PowerPoint, or record and experiment.

The software is available for install from the JMU AppPlayer or as a free download, for PC or Macintosh computers and mobile devices.

You can also use Panopto to allow students to record or upload their own video assignments. See the guides below for more information.


The Panopto Educational Video and Audio Policy


Panopto App

Panopto Web


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Good Practice

A recent project within the Faculty of Engineering & Technology has been for staff to record worked solutions to past-exam papers, and a 'quickstart' support guide used in this project can be found below.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the Panopto case studies added by other leturers in our Panopto inspire Technology Case Studies.

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Accessing Panopto

Panopto can be used in three ways, you can access it via :

  • the Windows App - In the app player of any LJMU computer, or download it.
  • the web (Panopto Capture) - Login with your LJMU username@ljmu.ac.uk and password
  • Canvas in the Panopto section of your course

Getting Started with the App (Windows Recorder)

Getting Started with Panopto Capture (Web Recorder)

Student Support Workers


If you are embedding a youtube video into your Panopto recording.

If you are embedding a youtube video into a Panopto recording using this process and then want to share that Panopto recording from a canvas page or announcement, please follow this process. How to link a Panopto recording in a canvas course. Apologies, the usual method of embedding a Panopto video in a Canvas page I demonstrated in the session will not show the youtube clip.

If you want to release a recording on a given date

If you are recording Panopto early and do not want students to access them please use this process. Publish videos using the availability workflow. This means you can set a date on all of the recordings or different dates for different recordings.

Accessing quiz results

If you have created a quiz inside of Panopto and want to access the results please using the following process at the bottom of the following guide. How to add a Quiz to a video