Blog Post: Captions in Panopto

Blog Post: Captions in Panopto

This page outlines the current process for automatic captions on Panopto and Zoom recordings.

What are captions?

You find captioning (CC) on all TV and most online videos. It’s where you can see the text of what is being said at the bottom of the screen. It can help those with hearing impairments or trying to watch in a noisy environment.

LJMU have now introduced automatic captioning (CC) to all Panopto videos created after 25th of August 2020. This means all recordings made after this date will have automatically generated captions (CC) added to them. Anyone viewing these recordings will see a CC button on the viewer interface to turn on the subtitles.

What is the difference between captions and subtitles? Subtitles are text translations of what is being said into a different language, whereas captions are a text version of what is being said in the original language.

Why is this change happening?

This will support any staff or student with hearing impairment or those wishing to view the video in a noisy environment. This change will also help the institution to comply with changes in UK disability legislation.

General disclaimer for automated captions

Please be aware that automatically generated subtitles are not 100% accurate in their translation of speech to text. What this means is that the subtitles may misinterpret what is said and substitute the wrong word. This can happen when: those speaking have a strong accent, are speaking in a noisy environment, or are using very technical terms that the computer does not understand. Although this is less than desirable, the institution believes it is more useful to have them than not. Please take this inaccuracy into account when using the subtitles and check with your tutor if you are in any doubt about the information. We hope you find this new service useful.

What do I do if I want captions on older recordings in Panopto

All the recordings prior to 25th of august 2020 do not have captions. However, they can still have this added by a tutor.

Staff – how do I add them?

How to Add ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions into a Video

Students – how do I request these are added?

Please contact your tutor with the guidance above. Please be aware that if you are hearing impaired that you may be entitled to more support and to contact the student advice and wellbeing team.

What do I do if the captions are inaccurate in Panopto?


If you wish to make amendments to the captions (CC) please use the following guidance.

How to Manually Caption Sessions in the Editor

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