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Panopto (Students)

Panopto is an online service which allows staff to create and share video resources. If your tutors are using this tool, this guide will show you how to access Panopto and some of the ways you can get more from this service.

Panopto is an online service which allows staff and students to create and share video resources.

It allows you to record or upload video and it also integrates with Canvas, so you can do this directly from within your course once you have downloaded a bit of software. Selected viewers can then see your recording once it has been uploaded. You can also record video directly in Canvas, you can find more guides about this in Canvas Help for Students.

Creating video and audio recordings as part of your learning can give you a chance to work in a different format, develop valuable new skills, and is an opportunity for reflection. But if you’ve never done anything like this before it can feel like a daunting process. Don’t panic!

All you need is a webcam or a device with a camera attached and a microphone. This guide explains how you can do this on your computer or mobile device. For more advice on how to improve the quality of your video, see our blog post: Simple tips to improve the quality of your video recordings.


If you have any issues the LJMU student website has a dedicated section for IT support https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/microsites/library/it-support. There is a link to the Library Services chat service on the right of the screen marked Ask The Library, and you can access IT support from there. 

Viewing Panopto Videos

There are three ways you can access videos in Panopto:

Videos can be really useful to help support your learning. However, just passively watching them will not be as beneficial as using them more actively. Think about making notes during the video of the main points, or building a mind map of the main concepts (Video).

Submitting and Recording a Panopto Video to a Canvas Assignment

This documentation will go over how to create recordings with Panopto and submit them as assignments in Canvas. If you need to see documentation on how to create videos in Panopto, please see this documentation for Windows and Mac.

How to Submit a Video Assignment in Canvas (Student Guide)

Create a Panopto Video Recording on your Computer

You may be asked to create your own Panopto video. If you are using a computer or laptop to create your video you need to download and install the Panopto recording software. Install this software on your computer as soon as possible in order to avoid any technical issues before your submission date.

Please note: Your tutor has to enable this function to allow you to create a recording

Uploading Pre-recorded Videos to Panopto via your Computer

If you’ve already created video content using your phone or computer you can upload this to Panopto once you have finished recording.

Panopto Mobile App

You can record and upload video via any mobile device. You just need to download and install the Panopto app. You can record a presentation or lecture with the built-in camera and microphone or view Videos posted by your tutor.

Deleting and Editing Videos in Panopto

For more information on how to edit and delete videos in Panopto, please see this guide:

Narrated Powerpoint Slides

You can upload narrated powerpoint slides to Canvas for submission, for more help and information on how to create a narrated powerpoint, please see the following guide:

LJMU Educational Video and Audio Policy

Here is a link to the LJMU policy regarding Panopto and will help you understand how it is being used. LJMU Educational Video and Audio Policy

We also have OBS Recording studio on all LJMU PCs. You can use this to create a recording and upload it into panopto. It is available in the LJMU app player. Here are some more details.