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Blog Post: OBS Recording Studio (Staff)

Blog Post: OBS Recording Studio (Staff)

OBS recording studio is open source software for video recording and live streaming. It is a very popular tool for video bloggers and youtubers. It allows you to create very sophisticated video content with cut scenes and overlays.

What is good about OBS?

At LJMU we encourage staff and students to use the Panopto video recording system. However, this is quite limited in the way it presents the recordings you want to make. For instance, it can be difficult to do a close up on a particular area of the screen you want to record. Some specialist subject areas use programme such as, Adobe Premier, and this is complex and comprehensive video editing tool. OBS sits between these two allowing staff and students to create recordings without spending hours learning how to use the tool.

Where do I get OBS from?

You can download OBS here for your home use. you can also install it on any LJMU PC using the LJMU app player on the desktop.

How do I use it?

LJMU do not have any specific support for this tool at the moment, but there are plenty of forums and videos explaining how it works. I would suggest watching these videos by Leslie Samuel to get you started.

How do I distribute the videos I create?

LJMU staff can use the Panopto system to upload their recordings for distribution. Students who are submitting videos for assessment can also use Panopto to upload their recordings. Please use this guide to help you upload. If you are using the tool to make your own videos please make sure you follow best practice and follow the LJMU social media guidance for students.