Staff Guide: Accessing Your Panopto Videos

Videos can be accessed on the web or via the Panopto app installed on your computer.

Accessing Videos Via Canvas

You can access all of your Panopto videos via your canvas course.

Accessing Videos Via the Web

To access a video recording on the web, sign in to the panopto website:

If you are already signed in to Canvas, you will be automatically logged in. Otherwise enter your ljmu and your University password.

Accessing Videos Via the App

To access via the Panopto software:

1. Open and login to the Panopto recording software on your computer or via the LJMU app player.
2. Click on the tab for ‘Recording Status
3. If you have made a previous recording you can access it via the ‘view’, ‘edit’ or ‘share’ links
4. Our you can click on the ‘Manage My Recordings’ link