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Staff Guide: My Canvas Admin

The My Canvas Admin tool allows tutors to manage their course enrolments in one space.

Here you can add new courses or remove yourself from previous years courses. It has recently been updated to include smart filters, the option to export group enrolments into a spreadsheet and a new private course journals tool as well as other tools listed below.

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My Canvas Admin Features

Private Course Journals

The TEL team have developed a tool which creates a private discussion space for each student in your course, so that individuals can post entries privately and receive feedback. Once a journal is created, all students receive a notification outlining the due date and students can access it via a browser or mobile device. Course tutors can monitor students via the Grades and  Discussions areas. Learn more in the below guid.

Copy Canvas Group Sets

The facility to create a copy of a group set from one Canvas course to another. The Teaching and Learning Academy have developed a tool which creates helps you to create multiple copies of the same group across a different Canvas course in a programme.


Canvas group to Zoom breakout rooms

Canvas has a group creation functionality that allows a tutor to place students in a combination of groups. These are called groupsets. Within these groups, the students can collaborate and socialise through organised activities or by creating and managing their own processes.


Feedback Dashboard

This tool can be used to help you and your students get the most for their feedback but collecting all of their feedback in canvas on one page.