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Blog Post: Canvas FAQ for Students

Blog Post: Canvas FAQ for Students

What is Canvas?

Canvas is LJMU’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). If you haven’t used a VLE before, it is a place where you will find your course learning materials, submit coursework and collaborate with others to achieve your learning goals.

How do I access Canvas?

Simply click on the Canvas icon on your desktop, or navigate to https://canvas.ljmu.ac.uk then login using “username”@ljmu.ac.uk (“username” is the 8 letter string usually containing initials of your school, your first initial and part of your second name) and your current LJMU password when prompted.

Why can’t I see my courses yet?

Your courses (also referred to as modules) will become visible as and when you’re enrolment is processed. Course cards will appear below outlining each enrolment you have. If you can’t see your course, see our Guide on Course Enrolments.

What support do I have?

There is 24/7 help and support available via email, phone (+4-808-189-4061) and online chat. See how access support at this link

What are the new features?

Canvas is designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of modern students, teachers and institutions. The interface is clean and intuitive and the mobile app allows you to login wherever you are.

Can I access Canvas on my mobile device?

Yes! Canvas has an app! Download the student app for apple or android and start accessing your course wherever you are.

How do I receive course updates?

Canvas allows you to personalise your notifications to suit you. You can opt in to send and receive updates via the app, email, text message and even your social media accounts. You can also tailor the frequency at which you receive updates. For more information see our blog post on how to get nifty with Canvas Notifications. Welcome to Canvas!

Do I submit my Coursework in Canvas?

It depends, check with your tutor to see whether there is a coursework submission link in your course. For more information on submitting work via Canvas, please see our Assessment help pages.

I have a question that does not relate to Canvas, where can I find information?

For any student matters not related to Canvas, please try the before you arrive website or call 01512313289