Learning Technology@LJMU

Student Guide: Course Enrolments

At the beginning of the academic year, you are enrolled via the student information system on to all of your courses for the coming year. These are pushed through to Canvas where you can connect with your course online and enhance your learning experience.

Canvas Course Favourites

The course dashboard is where you can find and access your favourite courses. To find and access courses quickly, remove last years modules from your favourites to keep your dashboard clear.

Can't find a particular course?

Try checking the Courses section. Only favourite courses appear on the Dashboard, to see a list of all your courses, click on the Courses section, and then click All Courses. Please see the above guide for more information. If you still can't find the course you are looking for; check with your School Office, Admin Team or Tutor to see if you are fully enrolled. Staff in the Library will also be able to assist with your query.

If you can access your course, but can't find particular content or an assignment link - check with your tutor as they are responsible for updating your course content.