Learning Technology@LJMU

Staff Guide: Collaborative Tools

Active blended learning tasks may be small online activities that students complete individually or in collaboration with other students using an online tool. Collaborative tasks should have a clear purpose outlined in concise instructions. Simple technologies such as quizzes and discussion boards can be used to support collaborative activities.

Creating interactive tasks may take some imaginative thinking in order to create an engaging activity. The aim is not to create as many as possible but to create within the learner a sense of independence, motivation and interest that sustains them and builds good learning habits.


Canvas provides an integrated system for class discussion, allowing both instructors and students to start and contribute to as many discussion topics as desired. Discussions allows interactive communication between two or more people; students and staff can participate in a conversation with an entire class or smaller groups.

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Group Spaces

Cohorts can be divided into smaller groups to allow for students to work together on groups projects and assignments.

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Quizzes in Canvas can be used to test student understanding of course material. The quiz tool is used to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. Quizzes can also be used to conduct and moderate exams and assessments, both graded and ungraded.

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