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Staff Guide: Quizzes

Quizzes in Canvas are assignments that can be used to challenge student understanding and assess comprehension of course materials.

The quiz tool is used to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. Quizzes can also be used to conduct and moderate exams and assessments, both graded and ungraded.

Canvas has four different types of quiz:

  • A graded quiz is the most common quiz and rewards students points based on their quiz responses.
  • A practice quiz is a learning tool to see how well users understand course material without providing a grade.
  • A graded survey rewards students with points for completing a survey but grading is not based on right or wrong answers.
  • An ungraded survey obtains opinions or other information without providing a grade.

In this video, you will learn the basics of Quiz Settings in the Quiz Creation process.

To view subtitles for this video, click the CC button in the toolbar and select a language.

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Good Practice Guide

The Teaching and Learning Academy have developed the following good practice guide:

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A recent project within the Faculty of Engineering & Technology has been for staff to record worked solutions to past-exam papers, and a 'quickstart' support guide used in this project can be found below.

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