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Canvas Updates 18/04/20

Canvas Updates 18/04/20

Canvas are working really hard to release meaningful features faster. In light of Covid-19 restrictions and the suspension of face-to-face teaching, more people than ever are now using technology, which is why the Teaching and Learning Academy are really excited to introduce you to these new features:

Rubric Quick Access

Rubrics can now be accessed directly from your Course Menu. The Manage Rubrics button has been removed from the course-level Outcomes page and added to the Course Navigation Menu. This change allows course rubrics to be accessed more quickly. Additionally, the workflow is more intuitive as outcomes are not required within a rubric.

Rubrics link in course navigation menu
New Rubrics Course Menu Item

Bulk Edit Assignment Due and Availability Dates

The Assignments Settings menu includes an option to Edit Assignment Dates. This option displays all existing assignments in a single page, arranged by due date. Assignments with the same due date are listed in alphabetical order. The full name of an assignment is included in the hover text for the assignment.

Dates can be selected via the Calendar icon or by typing a date directly in the text field. Currently, times cannot be adjusted within the page and are set to the default of 11:59 pm.

Edit Assignment Dates Page
New Bulk Edit Assignment Due Date option found in Assignment Options

On Time Submission Celebrations

Canvas generates a virtual celebration when students submit assignments on time. This is great for students because it provides the security of an additional, user-friendly on-screen confirmation.

student celebrations gif
On time Assignment Celebrations now appear for Students

Mute Notifications by Course

Users can mute all notifications for a course they are enrolled on. The Course Home Page displays a View Course Notifications button. The icon in the button displays the status of the notifications which can either be enabled or disabled.

View Course Notifications home page button - student view
Disable All Notifications for a particular course

Limit Submission Attempts

By default, assignments can be submitted an unlimited number of times. However, instructors can choose to limit the number of attempts a student can make for an assignment by using the Attempts menu.

Submissions attempts option in assignment creation page
New feature when editing your assignment is to specify the number of attempts

Students: When an assignment is limited in attempts, they’ll see the number of attempts they’ve made as well as the number of allowed attempts.

Student view that shows when submissions are limited
Students can view the number of attempts available and the number of attempts they have taken for a particular assignment

Please note: The number of attempts feature is not compatible with the Turnitin LTI. Students will be able to submit, regardless of the number of attempts outlined here. Turnitin also has its own settings for limiting submissions.

Gradebook – New Speedgrader Links

This change helps you access SpeedGrader more easily. You’ll find speedgrader in all of your assignment column menus. SpeedGrader opens to the first student according to the filter set in the Gradebook.

SpeedGrader link in gradebook assignments menu
Access Speedgrader from within the assignment column in the gradebook.