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Blog Post: Buddycheck – Managing Group work with Peer Evaluation

Blog Post: Buddycheck – Managing Group work with Peer Evaluation

BuddyCheck is an easy to use peer evaluation tool within Canvas, which allows students to evaluate each team member’s performance in a group activity, as well as self-assessment. It is a valuable tool to helping your students successfully manage group work.

The Teaching and Learning Academy are evaluating this tool until August 2020.

How does it help?

LJMU students undertake formative and summative group work depending on the design of their programme. Group work has been shown to promote deeper, more active, cooperative, and experiential learning that helps develop social skills and learning community networks, which are both being useful within the world of work.  However, the most common complaint from students is parity between student contribution, and students can also struggle with learning and implementing team management skills.123 We recommend you use this for both formative and summative group work tasks. Demonstrate the software to the students to help them understand how this will help them improve their group working skills and outcomes. Tell the student how you will be using the software to identify groups with issues so that you can help overcome them.