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Staff Guide: Canvas Calendar

Introduction to the Canvas Calendar

Canvas has a calendar built into itAnything that you create inside canvas that has an associated date and time will be displayed inside the calendar. This includes: 

  • Zoom meetings within the module which they were created  
  • Assessment deadlines  
  • Quiz deadlines  
  • Discussion board deadlines  
  • Anything added to the to do list with a date 


The Canvas calendar does not include events in the university timetable or see my tutor system. Similarly, the university timetable does not include zoom sessions or any of the other Canvas deadlines.  

The Calendar tool can be used to communicate assignment deadlines or online activities to students.

One of the challenges facing both students and tutors is keeping track of all of the assignments planned throughout the term. Tutors are teaching multiple courses and students are learning in multiple courses. Every course has its own timeline for when things need to be done. The Calendar helps everyone stay on schedule and up to date.

The Calendar in Canvas is a global feature, meaning everyone can see all courses assignments and events in one place. Calendars can be filtered by selecting or deselecting courses in the sidebar.

The Calendar is designed to display up to 10 courses at any given time. To help manage individual calendars, courses customized in the courses drop-down menu as a favourite course will always be listed at the top of your calendar list in the calendar sidebar.

Calendar Overview

Courses within the Calendar are organised by Canvas course code and shared with students. In addition to this, you can create single or multiple items within the Canvas calendar which are then shared automatically with all the students on that particular Canvas course. Students can also create Canvas calendar items which will remain private to them. 

Canvas Calendar showing a month of events
Canvas Calendar showing a month of events

The Canvas calendar interface includes a list of all the canvas courses a user is enrolled onYou and your students can use this functionality to show up to 5 calendars at a time overlaid over each other so that you can see the corresponding connection between assignments and any lectures or tutorials. 

Using the timetable and Canvas calendars to organise and manage face to face and online learning. 

The following information is aimed at staff to help them use Canvas functionality to help students manage their learning and explain the difference between Canvas calendar and the university timetabling system.   

Timetabling issues and communication 

The recent increase to online teaching through Zoom and other tools has resulted in students having an additional source of information regarding scheduled activity.  As a result, there is not always a single calendar that carries all the teaching sessions a student needs to attend. The following guidance hopes to bring some clarity to this for you and your students. 

The university timetable system 

This university timetable system contains all the face to face taught sessionsAny rooms that have been allocated to you for a particular module will appear as the location of the sessionThis calendar will also contain any bookings that you have made through the ‘see my tutor’ systemYour students will be able to see the date and time of any face to face sessions and the room details. 

The ‘see mtutor system 

The see my tutor system allows you to create a list of available dates and times when you are free, and your tutees can book onto any of these meetings and see you individuallyEach one of these meetings has an associated Microsoft Teams meeting which allows you to meet your tutee online. When a student makes a booking with you this will appear in their university timetable 

Students experience of the different calendars and suggested solutions 

Information regarding scheduled student activities is currently spread over two different systems, which could be confusing for students. Therefore, we offer the following recommendations: 

  • Make sure students are aware of the two different systems and how they differ. You can use the following guide to help your students understand how to use the Canvas calendar.  Student guide: Canvas Calendar 
  • Use clear communication to help students understand what is occurring week by week. For instance, a Canvas announcement listing the online and face to face sessions (including locations and times) 

Note about timetabling zoom sessions 

If you share a zoom meeting between courses this will not create a Canvas calendar item in the courses you have shared it to, only the course you have created it within. Therefore, please ensure that all students are aware of the event.