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Student Guide: Canvas Calendar

What is the Canvas Calendar?

The university timetabling system is available hereThis guide covers the use of the Canvas calendar The calendar shows online Canvas events and important deadlines.  However, always check with your tutor in case there are events and dates which have not been added to the calendar.  

The Canvas calendar can be found on the main Canvas menu.  

Canvas Calendar showing a month of events
Canvas Calendar showing a month of events

The Canvas calendar contains dates and events relevant to your online studies. Here is a list of the types of events you might see in your calendar: 

  • Assignment deadlines: It is highly likely that your tutor will ask you to submit your assignments online through Canvas. This process will create an item in your calendar indicating the final submission deadline date and time. If in doubt, contact your tutor.  
  • Zoom sessions: If your tutor is using Zoom for online meetings these will usually create an appointment in the calendar. The exceptions to this are if the tutor has created the meeting external to your module and is just sharing that link with you. If they have done this, it will not appear in your calendar unless the tutor has manually entered it in the calendar.  

Here is a list of events that you will NOT see in your Canvas calendar: 

  • SeeMyTutor appointments: The SeeMyTutor system allows you to book meetings with your tutor. When you have booked a slot the date is not shared with your Canvas calendar but will appear in the university timetabling system, available here. 
  • Face to face sessions: Your face to face sessions are not automatically shared with the Canvas calendar but will appear in the university timetabling system.

How you can use it

The Calendar is a great way to view everything you have to do for all your online activities in one place. You can view calendar events by day, week, month, or agenda list. The Calendar spans all courses and displays information for each of your enrolled courses and groups. In the navigation bar, you can choose to view the calendar in Week, Month, or Agenda view 

Each personal, course, and group calendar is identified by a separate colour that populates the calendar view. Associated calendar items for each course or group display when selected in the calendar view 


Can I add events to this Calendar?

You have a private calendar in Canvas that allows you to add your own events, reminders or to do items. If you are a member of a group in Canvas you can also make shared appointments.  

Can I move the content of this calendar to a different calendar system? 

You may be using a different electronic calendar to organise your life. The following guides show you how to transfer the data into the three most popular calendar systems.