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Blog Post: Turnitin Emergency Maintenance Window

Blog Post: Turnitin Emergency Maintenance Window

On April 30, 2020, Turnitin will require an emergency maintenance window from 0800-1300 BST (for local time click here) as one of our third-party network providers is performing maintenance on their circuits. During this time, there may be an interruption to our services. This may not require the full window, but we ask that you plan for the full duration.  

As mentioned on the status page, during the maintenance there may be an interruption to service, but the system will not be completely unavailable. 

We cannot guarantee this but based on previous experience, staff and students shouldn’t see an outage. They may experience some slowness with their submission. So, this will likely result in a degradation of service, not an outage. However, as a matter of caution we have released the following recommendations and guidance below. 

Possible effects: 

Submissions through the Canvas Plagiarism Framework (the new integration).  

If a paper is submitted during this period it may not be passed on to Turnitin to create a report. In which case you will find this icon in the Speedgrader. Both staff and students can click on the button below it to generate the report, after the period of maintenance has passed.  

Image of  Speedgrader interface showing the waiting icon and the Resubmit to Turnitin button 

Integrations through LTI 1.3 (the old direct integration) 

This integration is the not recommended by the LJMU TEL team (in guidance released here). We have not closed this service since some staff are still using it.  

  • The effect will be that students can’t submit during the period. We suggest you move any deadlines that are due near or during this maintenance period. 
  • The effect on staff will be that they will not be able to mark during this maintenance period. 


Check Turnitin status for updates 

Turnitin has a webpage where they automatically display any disruption to their service. This can be a useful site to check if you are having any issues with Turnitin or are planning something specifically related to Turnitin, in a particular time frame.  

TEL queries (Panopto, Turnitin) submit a ticket via the TEL helpdesk 

Recent previous maintenance dates

The most recent maintenance dates:

  • April 22, 2020