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Canvas Quiz now available to Support Academic Misconduct (Staff)

Canvas Quiz now available to Support Academic Misconduct (Staff)

Your students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and in accordance with the LJMU academic misconduct policies. Academic misconduct covers all deliberate attempt(s) to gain an unfair advantage in assessments, including cheating, plagiarism and unauthorised collusion. This resource can help you support students to understand these rules and regulations. 

“Academic Misconduct – You be the judge” is a short canvas quiz written by Henry Forsyth and Andy Symons both experienced academics at LJMU. The course covers: 

  1. Identifying the three different types of cheating that come under the umbrella of academic misconduct; 
  2. Describing the different forms of cheating in assessment and examinations; 
  3. Describing the University’s procedure for what happens if you are accused of academic misconduct; 
  4. Providing tips to reduce the risks of cheating occurring.

This course should take your students no longer than 20 minutes to complete and is made up of 12 questions. Students get feedback and the results are then visible to academics in the grades area of your course. 

You can add this quiz to your canvas course:

  • Log in to Canvas
  • Go to the ‘Commons’ area in the left hand main menu.
  • Search for ‘Academic Misconduct’
  • Click on the link for the returned result
  • Click on the import/download button to add it to your course/s

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