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TEL Roadmap

Take a look at some new features soon to be added to Canvas.

TEL Roadmap

Take a look at some of the exciting enhancements and developments happening in Canvas over the next 12 months.

The next six months....

Feedback Dashboard

The Teaching and Learning Academy are extending the use of Canvas to support students feedback ‘literacy’. The tool will broaden students view of feedback and provide greater access of feedback between courses and assignments.

Feedback Library

Canvas are currently developing a tool to allow instructors to store and reuse commonly used comments from a feedback library.

Student Annotation Assignment Submissions

This change allows instructors to provide a worksheet as an assignment and allow students to complete the worksheet directly in Canvas using the annotation tools. Currently students have to either print the worksheet and take a photo to submit, or use a third-party tool to complete the submission. For more information see the release notes.

6 Months +

1 Yr +

Canvas Assignment Enhancements

Canvas are in the process of developing a new assignment submission page for Students. It aims to improve the submission work flow and align the web experience with mobile devices.

Canvas New Quizzes

Canvas are developing a new quiz tool, this feature is continually being developed, and will be released as soon as it reaches feature parity with the current tool.

Canvas and Teams

Canvas have highlighted that they aim to replace Big Blue Button's online conferencing experience with Teams. A full Roadmap is not yet available.