Blackboard Decommission: What you need to know

Dear Colleague, Student

Blackboard will be decommissioned on 1st August, 2018.  Staff, students and system administrators will have no access to content or submitted work, after this date.

Please also note the following:

  • There will be no further automatic export of content from Blackboard to Canvas.
    Guidance detailing how to export content from Blackboard modules and import content into Canvas is available here.
  • Student files and submissions will not be exported or archived.  If you wish to download student work, then you can do this via the Assignment File Download option in the Grade Centre.
  • The TEL Team has a communication strategy to inform all students and Collaborative Partners that they will not have access to Blackboard or any submitted work,  after the August deadline.  They will receive guidance about how to download work and any relevant content.
  • All student module enrolments will exist only in Canvas, from 1st August
  • Panopto will no longer be connected to Blackboard but videos will not be deleted.

If you have any queries regarding the withdrawal of Blackboard, please contact us at or click on the HelpMe icon on your desktop.

Kind regards

The TEL Team