Canvas FAQ for Students

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and replaces Blackboard. If you haven’t used a Virtual Learning Environment previously, it is a place where you will access your learning materials, submit your work and collaborate with others to achieve your learning goals.


Why have we changed?

We thought it was time to review the VLE in order to ensure our delivery of learning keeps pace with technology and to ensure that our students benefit from the most up to date practices


Does this mean a big change?

The core functions of Canvas are similar to Blackboard. Accessing your course materials, assessments and coursework submission will now be conducted using Canvas.


Will I be using Canvas straight away?

Very likely. All students except a small number who are finishing their studies before December will be using Canvas from September. This includes Level 4, 5, 6 and Postgraduate and some of our students at our partner providers.


How do I access Canvas?

Simply click on the Canvas icon on your desktop, or navigate to then login using and your current LJMU password when prompted.


What support do I have?

There is 24/7 help and support available via email, phone and online chat. See how access the support at this link

What are the new features?

Canvas is a modern easy to use system. The interface is clean and intuitive and the mobile app allows you to login wherever you are.


How do I receive course updates

Canvas allows you to personalise your notifications to suit you. You can opt in to send and receive updates via the app, email, text message and even your social media accounts. You can also tailor the frequency at which you receive updates. Welcome to Canvas!