Staff Guide: How do I share a Zoom session across more than one Canvas course?

When you schedule a Zoom meeting using the integrated Zoom tool in your Canvas course, your meeting will be available for all users on that course to join. But what if you want to share this across separate Canvas courses?

This can be done by copying the meeting invitation and sharing it in an announcement or a page in another Canvas course.

Do not share meeting information/invitation on publicly accessible web pages.

The steps are as follows.

Please note: A Canvas calendar item will not be created in any courses where you share the Zoom link. A Canvas Calendar item will appear in the original course you created but not any courses that you share the Zoom link.


Sharing Canvas Announcements using Direct Share

If you need to share announcements over multiple courses, the Direct Share feature in Canvas can help to speed things up. As an instructor, you can use Direct Share to copy individual announcements in one course directly into another course in which you are enrolled.

Once you have created your announcement, you will be able copy this into multiple courses. Once this is copied to your other courses this will be published to students. Guidance on using Direct Share can be found here.