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Staff Guide: How to access Zoom in Canvas

How to access Zoom in Canvas

What we will describe here is the recommended route for creating and managing your Zoom meetings. 

Zoom has an intuitive integration with Canvas that makes it easy to manage your live online sessions. It is integrated into each of your modules in such a way that you don't have to think about adding participants manually and managing the link to the meeting (although you can share this link in other ways). 

Once you schedule a new meeting, the link is present in a dedicated part of your module and a calendar item is created for that module. Students will also be able to see these sessions on their Canvas mobile app. 

Students join your meetings through the same Zoom link on the course menu.

Accessing the Zoom tool in Canvas 

Zoom Menu Link

In each of your Canvas modules, you will have a new link in the menu named Zoom.  Clicking this link will display the Zoom meeting management page. Staff will see a slightly different interface than students. 

You will see some tabs across the central part of the page: 

  • Upcoming Meetings - Meetings scheduled for the future - based on the time and date you have set for your meetings  
  • Previous Meetings - As above but for meetings that have passed 
  • Cloud Recordings - this is where you can control release of any of your recordings to students and where students would come to view any recordings. By default your recording will be unpublished. Published recordings will be visible to all students enrolled on the course. (NB if you would like to share more selectively, you can share a link to the recording with the intended users).

Help! I can't see the Zoom link!

If you can't see this link in your course navigation you can enable it under Settings > Navigation. 


How to create a meeting

The blue button at the top right is where you can create a new meeting. Whether that is a meeting you want to start in the next five minutes, or whether the meeting will take place next week, this button will take you to a page where you can create that session. 

Schedule Zoom Meeting

More guidance on setting up your meeting.

How do I start a Zoom meeting?

You can edit the details of meetings whenever you want, but when you are ready to start your meeting, you can easily find it in the list of upcoming meetings and click the Start button. This will start the process of opening the Zoom app, with you as the host.

Start Meeting


How do students join a Zoom meeting?

Under the Zoom page within your module, students will see a Join button in place of the Start button that you as a tutor can see. Likewise, you as a tutor will only see a Join button for meetings that other tutors have set up. 


What else can I do on this page?

Just to the left of thblue button is a link that says, 'All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings'. This link will display all your meetings, not just the ones for the module you’re in. This is helpful if you can't remember which module you created the meeting for

All meetings

Just below the Upcoming Meetings tab is a checkbox called 'Show my course meetings only'. Checking this box will filter out meetings that other tutors have set up in this module, leaving only your meetings, so you can quickly identify ones that you have created.

My meetings only

There is a piece of text just under the Zoom logo on the top left of the page that tells you which time zone you are in and you can change this if required. 

Time Zone