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Staff Guide: New Grades

Canvas grades is changing! The grades area has been revamped with improved intuitive workflows allowing you to quickly access and mark student work.

Canvas have a number of guides available on the Canvas Community pages to help you get started. These changes only affect staff; students workflows are unaffected. This will be effective from Monday the 18th November.

What are the key changes?


Grades settings and options have switched to the left hand side of the screen, in these options you’ll find both grade history and grades export/import:

SpeedGrader Access

To access SpeedGrader from the grades area you now need to click in the students cell and then click on the arrow icon. This opens a panel which displays a 'speedgrader' link.

Arrange Columns

You can now filter and sort columns in the grades area by using the new settings options found on the left hand side of the page.

Gradebook History Has Moved

Gradebook history is now available by clicking on the Gradebook option and then selecting Gradebook history.

New Hide Grades Process

Canvas have updated the mute/hide process and replaced it with Post Grade Policies. This change allows you to manage the release of marks and feedback either on an assignment basis, or for the course as a whole. You can also set feedback to be released automatically or via manual release. Please see the following guides for information on how to set an assignment or course grade posting policy:

Post Grade Policies

Please Note: If you are using Turnitin, please be aware that students cannot access their originality reports whilst assignments are hidden.

Open Assignment Posting Policy in Grades
Open Assignment Posting Policy in Grades

Filter Gradebook by Groups

Canvas have introduced a really useful feature which allows you to filter the Grades area by group. If there are multiple markers on your course, or you want to distinguish between different sets of students, you can now create groups and then use these to filter the grades area. An option needs to be enabled in your Course settings in order for this to be turned on, please see the following guide:

Enable Speedgrader to launch filtered by group

How do I filter columns by type in the New Gradebook?

Filter Columns by Group
Filter Columns by Group Option

View Assignment Group Menu
View Assignment Filter Group Menu

Edit Comments

You can now edit comments in the grades - pop out window. If after marking or during the marking process you need to edit a comment, you can now do this via the grades area.

  1. Click in the cell for the student in the grades area and then click on the arrow in the cell

    Edit Comments in grades pop out panel for individual student
    Edit Comments in grades pop out panel for individual student
  2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the comment, and then click outside the box to save changes.

Further questions?

Canvas support are available 24/7 to answer your questions, login to Canvas and click on the help tab to live chat or call canvas.