Training (Staff Development)

How to register for TLA training events

After clicking on the link for the training you wish to attend you maybe asked to sign into Office 365.  Please use your and password to sign in or select your LJMU account.

Picture shows options of selecting an LJMU Office 365 account.

You will then be taken to the registration page for the training event you have selected.

On this page you will be asked to add your details, ensure you add your full email address, please do not use

Picture outlines registration information required: First name, Last name, Email and Job title

Once completed please click 'Register now'.  The below confirmation will appear on screen.

Picture shows a thumbs up and tex reads: See you at the event! We sent a confirmation email to (email address) and blue Join the event button.

How to add the event to your Outlook calendar

Once registered you will shortly receive an email from Microsoft Teams confirming your seat is reservation.

Picture shows text sent from MS to confirm booking.  Also include button to join event and also cancel registration.

To ensure you do not miss the training and have the join event link to hand on the day please add this event to your calendar.

You can add the event to your calendar by opening the registered email from Microsoft Teams and clicking on the arrow (see below) and select 'Save As'.

Picture outlines how to add event to outlook calendar.

You will then see the below option to add the Internet Calendar to Outlook, please select 'Yes'.

Picture shows Outlook asking if you are happy to add Internet Calendar to Outlook.

After selecting 'Yes' the event will show in your Outlook calendar as a tentative appointment.  You can accept the invitation by opening up the event within your Outlook calendar and clicking 'Accept', you will also see the 'Join event' button (see below).

You can also cancel your registration if required by clicking the 'Cancel registration' link.

Picture show the accept button to confirm booking in our calendar and also where the join event button is located.