Staff Guide: Waiting Room settings

What is a waiting room?

A waiting room allows a meeting host to control when a participant joins a meeting. Participants are placed in a waiting room before joining a meeting. The host will choose to admit or deny access to the meeting.

zoom waiting room participants

Waiting Room settings - What has changed?

  • The new default setting now places non-LJMU accounts in the waiting room, any users with LJMU accounts will bypass the waiting room.
  • There are no changes to the Canvas Zoom meetings scheduler. The waiting room option is unchanged and the box is still checked.
  • If you would like users with LJMU accounts to also go into the waiting room, you must change this in your Zoom settings. See section below for more details.
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Change who goes into the waiting room.

Changing your settings will apply for all meetings that you schedule. If you need to change who goes into the waiting room do this before scheduling your meeting.

  • Sign into Zoom at (using SSO)
  • Click on SettingsĀ on the left menu
  • Under Waiting Room Options, click Edit Options
  • Under Who should go in the waiting room?, choose one of the following:
    • Everyone: all participants will be placed in the waiting room (both LJMU account holders and external guests)
    • Users not in your account: This is the default option and will mean that only external guests (non-LJMU account holders) will be placed in the waiting room and students will bypass the waiting room.
      • If you choose this option you will see a further set of options: Choose Host and co-hosts only
  • Choose Continue to save

To set this back to the default setting, select the reset option.

Setting Menu Item in Zoom Web Portal
waiting room options
waiting room reset

Further Information

  • If you are adding alternative hosts to the meeting, please note that the session will be based on your own (the original scheduler's) settings.
  • You should not turn off the waiting room in the Canvas Zoom scheduler, all changes should be made via your personal settings at
  • Unchecking the waiting room option would mean that all participants (both LJMU account holders and external guests) would come directly into the meeting.