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Blog Post: Canvas Training and Events (Staff)

Blog Post: Canvas Training and Events (Staff)

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team have a number of training development opportunities and events running over the next few months, we hope you can make it:

DateSessionStart TimeEnd timeRoomBooking page
Tuesday 25/02/2020Canvas Revisited & Digital Accessibility15:0016:30Room 118, Redmonds Buildingbook here.
Monday 02/03/2020Turnitin, Plagiarism and Contract Cheating11:0012:30Room 320, Byrom Streetbook here.
Thursday 12/03/2020Canvas Revisited & Digital Accessibility15:0016:30Room 146 B, Tom Reilly Buildingbook here.
Tuesday 24/03/2020Panopto: Increasing the use of video within teaching and learning15:0016:30Room 118, Redmonds Buildingbook here.
Friday 27/03/2020Canvas Revisited & Digital Accessibility09:0010:30Room IT Suite A, John Foster Buildingbook here.
Monday 06/04/2020Canvas Revisited & Digital Accessibility11:0012:30Room PC LAB, John Lennon Art and Design Buildingbook here.
Wednesday 29/04/2020Canvas Revisited & Digital Accessibility14:0015:30Room 318, Byrom Streetbook here.
Academic Skills Module Leaders Network14:0015:30To be confirmed.book here.
Friday 15/05/2020Canvas Revisited & Digital Accessibility09:0010:30Room 329, Redmonds Buildingbook here.
Tuesday 26/05/2020Canvas Revisited & Digital Accessibility11:0012:30Room 106, Cherie Booth Buildingbook here.

TEL Faculty Dropins

The team are available at both Byrom street and in the Redmonds building to assist with any Canvas queries you may have. The team are available as follows:

Tuesday – G23 Byrom Street

Thursday – 5.09 Redmonds Building

Additional Support

If you have any Canvas queries, you can raise these directly with them by clicking on the Help icon after you login to Canvas. There are several options available including phone, chat and email. Canvas are available 24/7 to answer your questions.